NuGo Dark Video by Brittany Dixon

NuGo Dark Video by Brittany Dixon

Fitness influencer Brittany Dixon made this amazing video to share her love for NuGo Dark protein bars. We are so honored that she chose NuGo Dark for her first commercial production.

Brittany’s favorite flavors are NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel and Mint Chocolate Chip, which she carries in her handbag to keep from eating junk food while running errands. NuGo Dark keeps her on track both mentally and physically. Here’s what she told her Instagram fans.

“I really do eat and carry NuGo bars in my bag; they keep me going in between meals, I don’t feel guilty eating it, and they’re just really good! I’m challenging y’all to READ YOUR FOOD LABELS! Can you pronounce and identify what you’re eating?! That’s why I love NuGo Nutrition ... the ingredients are real and freaking delicious. I’m super selective on the things I consume and will always promote anything that I personally believe in.”

Watch Brittany’s NuGo Dark video, and follow her on Instagram.

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