Tangy Vegan Green Zebra Gazpacho

Tangy Vegan Green Zebra Gazpacho

Whether you are looking for a new Meatless Monday recipe or a fast and easy vegan dinner idea, you will love this Gazpacho recipe. The main ingredient in this delicious chilled soup is Green Zebras, green and yellow striped tomatoes. Green Zebras have a sweet, tart, and tangy taste. If you prefer an extra tangy gazpacho, you can substitute tomatillos or unripe red tomatoes.

It only takes 30 minutes to make, however it does require a minimum of our hour to chill. We recommend blending it the night before and then leaving it chilling overnight in the refrigerator. As a bonus to being 100% vegan, this healthy make-ahead recipe is also gluten-free, diabetes-friendly, soy-free, and Kosher Pareve.

Visit Food and Wine for the Gazpacho recipe.

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