Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Talking to an RD


March 13 is National Registered Dietitian Day and a great time to share how seeing an RD can help you and your community! This marks the day that dietitians across the country are recognized for all their hard work in helping people to get healthier and happier. We feel so fortunate that we chose this profession—we love helping our clients to enjoy eating healthier and to reap the rewards of it. After witnessing first-hand how much we could positively affect the lives of others as registered dietitians, we set out to reach a larger audience by writing our books, Fire Up Your Metabolism, The Secret to Skinny and The Nutrition Twins Veggie Cure:100 Tantalizing Recipes for Health, Energy and Beauty (January 2014).

As nutritionists and personal trainers, it’s important for us to incorporate all aspects of nutrition to help everyone whether it is obesity, diabetes or sports enhancement. We agree with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics top 10 reasons you should be talking to an RD today!

1. Registered Dietitians can help you plan a balanced diet if you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes. It can greatly affect your diet if you aren’t careful so get the proper advice from an RD!

2. With each community hurting for more wellness programs with the obesity epidemic in America, dietitians can help get those programs started. They can help fight for backing by the government to make a difference in eating healthy and help communities become physically fit!

3. Registered dietitians can work with food scientists on new healthy foods for the local grocery stores and markets. They can phase out the bad foods or at least make them healthier for consumers to make healthier choices.

4. Dietitians specializing in sports nutrition can help you to become fit – the healthy way! You’ll see results when following and setting healthier goals!

5. Registered dietitians can help you manage meals and create a plan for you, whether you want to lose weight, become more physically fit or just had a major surgery that curbs your appetite! They are the best to talk to about this.

6. If you’re a Mom or even a Dad that just doesn’t cook and has no cooking skills, RD’s can help you find the basic culinary skills to get healthier and simple foods on your table, homemade!

7. If you’re suspecting a family member or maybe even yourself of having an eating disorder, an RD can help you overcome this challenge and help you to eat healthier again!

8. Registered dietitians can help create healthier food choices in the community whether it be a food drive or even a farmers market, they can help get the resources you need to create a large impact!

9. New moms can benefit greatly with making sure their babies are getting the adequate nutrition they need for a normal and healthy weight gain.

10. Registered dietitians can help with the elderly to make sure they are also getting the adequate nutrition they need to stay healthy, such as Meals on Wheels programs.

Now you know the many benefits to seeing an RD! There are obviously so many different ways an RD can make an impact on you personally or in the community. Don’t be afraid to find one in your local area and start asking questions to make a healthier and happier you!

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