10 Tips for Healthy Snacking

10 Tips for Healthy Snacking

Before you grab your next snack, read these healthy tips from Dr. Taz that she posted on her Facebook page. NuGo Slim is recommended by Dr. Taz, a nationally recognized wellness, prevention and integrative health expert.

It’s mid-morning, and you think you’re choosing a “healthy” snack by noshing on a protein bar—I know a lot of women do—but most aren’t as healthy as you might think—many are full of sugars or artificial sweeteners that leave you craving more, or upset your stomach.

It’s normal to get hungry between meals – and as a physician on the go, I know what it feels like to get HANGRY. But there’s a better way to snack!

Here are my top 10 tips for snacking the healthy way, and my favorite snacks:

1. The purpose of a snack, should you choose to incorporate one or two, is to be just enough to keep your blood sugar from dropping too low.

2. A snack should be under 250 calories.

3. Use the principal of ‘real food, and not too much.’

4. Your snack should have the perfect amount of protein and healthy fat.

5. Veggies and hummus are a perfect go-to, because it has a great amount of fiber and protein.

6. Berries and yogurt offer a naturally sweetened, protein satisfying mini-meal.

7. NuGo Slim protein bars from NuGo Nutrition Bars are high protein, low-sugar bars that won’t give your blood sugar a spike The real dark chocolate melts in your mouth, and there’s no maltitol, which can cause that bad aftertaste and upset your tummy. And just 180 calories! My personal favorite is chocolate mint because it tastes like thin mints without all that sugar! They’re gluten-free and non-GMO – my kind of snack!

8. Rice cakes with nut butter is a great go-to when you’re hungry. I like to spread 2 unsweetened organic rice cakes with almond butter.

9. Whole fruit and nuts like a banana or nectarine with a handful of unsalted almonds is the perfect balance of protein and healthy fats.

10. Eggs, veggies and fruits are a great combo because eggs are great for your thyroid, which is a common deficiency in women.

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