Great Kidney Dialysis Snack: NuGo Protein Bars

Great Kidney Dialysis Snack: NuGo Protein Bars

NuGo Family and Smarte Carb have nutritional profiles within acceptable ranges for kidney dialysis patients. They are high in protein and low in phosphorus and potassium. NuGo is a mainstream, healthy snack alternative that provides delicious nutrition and sustained energy throughout the day. As a result, many dialysis clinics purchase NuGo.

A few highlights:

• NuGo’s #1 ingredient is soy protein

• Each bar has between 11 & 17 grams of Soy Protein

• Each bar is less than 190 calories

• Low Fat and Low Glycemic

• OU Kosher

• Low in Phosphorus and Potassium

Click these links to view the phosphorus and potassium values for each flavor, which is listed below the nutritional facts.

NuGo Family Vanilla Yogurt

NuGo Family Chocolate

NuGo Family Coffee

NuGo Family Orange Smoothie

NuGo Family Chocolate Banana

NuGo Family Peanut Butter Chocolate

Smarte Carb Chocolate Black Cherry

Smarte Carb Peanut Butter Crunch

Patients can call us directly at 888-421-2032 to order or find store locations. NuGo is also available for purchase online.

A number of clinics purchase NuGo bars directly from us at a wholesale price and either pass that along at no-charge or sell the bars to their patients. If this interests you or your foodservice operation, please call us directly at 888-421-2032.

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