NuGo Fan of the Month: Daranee Tukda Elkins

NuGo Fan of the Month: Daranee Tukda Elkins

In May 2017, Daranee was on the hunt for a new protein bar flavor and was excited to find NuGo Dark Spicy Chocolate. She was immediately hooked after trying NuGo real dark chocolate coated protein bars for the first time. Her favorite flavors are now NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel and Peanut Butter Cup and NuGo Slim Espresso. She enjoys trying new flavors and posting often about NuGo bars on Instagram. Most recently, she tried and enjoyed NuGo Free Dark Chocolate Crunch.

Daranee eats two protein bars per day and gravitates towards NuGo because of the dark chocolate. She likes to chop them up and put them in her oatmeal or desserts. She isn’t on a special diet, but she has just changed her eating choices. They are now healthier choices that resulted in losing 30 pounds since!

After working as an office administrator, Daranee is now a stay-at-home mom to two boys. For the last three years, she has been a hospital volunteer. She is the treasurer of the Auxiliary, on the committee for two of the hospital's largest fundraisers (last one raised over $100K), volunteers in surgery waiting and the gift shop, and for various other fun projects. NuGo bars can usually be found in her bags when she running from hospital to hospital, meeting to meeting, conventions, and shifts.

“I always have bars with me, I always have more than one, and I'm always willing to share! Anything I like and think is good for you I always tell family and friends about.”

She has overcome serious health challenges with an impressive positive attitude. She had two frozen shoulders, which required surgery and a long recovery. In July 2017, she had surgery on C6-C7 in her neck for a herniated disc. She had to wear a neck brace for two months and is still dealing with exercise restrictions and the long recovery.

“This has been a tough recovery and a tough challenge but you will be hard pressed to not find me living, loving, smiling, laughing, dancing to my music, helping others on a daily basis -- you just have to enjoy every single moment and spread the joy you have!!”

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