NuGo Fan of the Month: Deanna Deakin

NuGo Fan of the Month: Deanna Deakin

In September 2014, Deanna Deakin first tried NuGo bars. As soon as she ate her first bite of NuGo Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, she knew she would never buy another brand of bars. She loved the taste of the REAL dark chocolate coating plus the Non-GMO ingredients without any fake sugars. Now, whenever she sees people in Whole Foods reaching for other bars, she tells them about NuGo and has gotten so many people to add them to their cart. Deanna said, “I can't believe there are so many other brands of bars out there - NuGo is all anyone ever needs!”

Deanna enjoys NuGo bars from many different product lines. She listed her favorites from seven lines: NuGo Slim Brownie Crunch, Dark Mint Chocolate Chip, Stronger Caramel Pretzel, Free Dark Chocolate Trail Mix, Fiber d'Lish Apple Cobbler, Organic Dark Chocolate Pomegranate, and Family Orange Smoothie. She said, “I also love that there is a NuGo Fiber line because who doesn't love a tasty treat that helps maintain regularity!”

It is easy to eat a least one NuGo bar per day when you enjoy as many flavors and products lines as Deanna does. She explained, “I'll usually start my morning with a Fiber d'Lish bar, which is reminiscent of a muffin or baked good but way healthier, and it's so delicious with a cup of coffee or tea!” Sometimes, she eats NuGo Family, Free, Organic or Slim in the morning. In the afternoon or evening, she likes NuGo Dark. After a workout, she has half of a Stronger bar. Deanna turned her mom and sister into NuGo Slim fans. Her dad loves NuGo Dark for a snack during the day or for dessert!

She loves being active, and NuGo is a big part of her fitness routine. Deanna belongs to a gym, and goes 3-4 times per week after work as a community manager for a marketing agency in Fairfield, CT. She divides her gym time between stretching, free weights, and cardio and takes interval training class once a week. She also loves walking or running in her neighborhood during beautiful weather.

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