NuGo Fan of the Month: Karen Moffatt

NuGo Fan of the Month: Karen Moffatt

About one year ago, Karen Moffatt joined Weight Watchers and discovered NuGo Slim bars. As part of reclaiming her health, she embraced this new way of eating as her life-long plan. Karen has already lost over 50 pounds! Someone mentioned NuGo Slim bars as a low point option on one of her message board groups. She ordered sample packs to give them a try.

“When I had my first NuGo Slim bar, I had to run the numbers through my point calculator because I couldn’t believe something covered in real dark chocolate that tasted so good was really 5 SmartPoints! Once I verified the nutritional information, I was hooked! I order them four boxes at a time so I never run out.”

Karen loves all the NuGo Slim flavors, but her favorites are NuGo Slim Chocolate Mint and Brownie Crunch. She eats 4-6 NuGo bars per week, usually as a mid-afternoon snack around 3-4 pm. “This is a challenging time for me and having them available keeps me on track and out of the rest of the food in my house,” explained Karen.

She always has one or two NuGo Slim bars in her purse, so if she gets stuck somewhere or is tempted while out, she has something healthy and delicious to fall back on. Karen also enjoys them as a movie treat and combined with Greek yogurt. She described how they help her stick to her weight loss goals.

“Not only are these incredibly tasty, but the protein satisfies me for hours. They work well as meal replacements (I will usually add some fruit to “bulk it up”) or snacks. If I am in a situation with temptations (can you say doughnuts!!!), I can pull one out of my purse and NEVER feel deprived.”

Karen is the Speech/Language Pathology and Assistive Technology Coordinator for Blount County Schools in Maryville, TN. This is her 32nd year with this school system, and she has had opportunities to develop and implement new technologies to support students with disabilities. Most recently, she was named Related Service Provider of the year for her district! She enjoys training other amazing teachers/therapists and giving presentations at state conferences.

In her free time, Karen loves to swim and wishes she had time to do it more. She enjoys walking and gets cardio on her elliptical. She recently added workouts by 3x3 Fitness on her calendar. She loves finding things that she can do from home any time.

Karen shared this excellent health and fitness wisdom.

“Sometimes, the journey towards health starts with knowing that we are worth it!!! Making a few small changes add up to big results. This journey is a marathon, not a sprint.”

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