NuGo Fan of the Month: Steph Palermo

NuGo Fan of the Month: Steph Palermo

Steph Palermo is a motivational speaker, author, and radio talk show host living in Atlanta. After raising four boys, Just Steph is embracing life over 40 and providing tips for living life to the fullest for “Second Lifers” (empty nesters, newly single and those starting over). Steph would like to become the first television talk show host with a limb difference. She was born with Poland Syndrome, which affects her right hand.

In March 2008, Steph visited a nutritionist for help with losing over forty pounds. “One of the first suggestions from my nutritionist was adding a NuGo bar to my daily menu,” said Steph. “I felt like I was eating a decadent snack.” Steph loves many flavors, but NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel is her favorite.

She eats a NuGo bar every day for breakfast, often on her deck with her dog Fenway. She always carries one with her when she is on-the-go. Her four sons are all athletes and love NuGo Family Vanilla. Steph even offers her friends NuGo bars and often sends a box as a gift. The Palermo household consumes about 20 NuGo bars per week.

Steph was raised in a very Sicilian home where food is the focus of the day. “We are very particular about the taste and quality of everything we eat,” explained Steph. While losing weight, Steph changed what she ate. “However, I would not forgo flavor and NuGo bars became a staple for me as part of loving myself enough to take care of my body. The flavor is better than any other bar out there. I feel more satisfied with a NuGo bar since they are packed with protein.”

We asked Steph what advice she would like to share. She believes taking care of yourself first is essential. “Loving yourself first evokes self-respect, respect from others and, in turn, energizes you to give back to those around you and the world,” said Steph.

Visit Steph’s fan website and business website. Follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook, and watch her videos on YouTube, including the NuGo commercial she made.

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